The Nine and Six and One

Bearing word to the Wordbearers

And the many gray shades of heroism

Session Date: 3/11/2012

Last time we learned that the Wordbearers and Bladebearers are the two major clans in the city. Aldric via streetwise gleans that Bladebearers are on the rise. They are very aggressive and expansionist.

The ruler is named Lhesh Harucc. He has united the clan of the Guldar under his banner. These are the tribes of the plains.

The Marguul clan control the jungles.

The Bladebearers, although claiming to uphold the ideals of the former Dhakanni civilizatiion don’t seem to hold some aspects in high regard, e.g. they keep slaves. They have been known to destroy ancient ruins. But they do have the captured knowledge of several clans, and currently have their sights on the Wordbearers.

Wordbearers are not expansionist. Major export are their musical historians. Have tattoos denoting their history. It is said that they hold true to the old ways.

Balgrim agrees to take us to the palace. Claims to have many important friends.

Aldric thinks supporting the WordBearers long term helps.

We decide to talk with the Wordbearers. Balgrim, says yes yes weaklings probably need our help.

Takes us to palace to meet clan dignitaries.

King is a hobgooblin, except Marguul, which are ruled by bugbears.

Wee are getting a lot of stares as we walk but Balgrim is keeping them at bay.

Balgrim bribes the guards a lot, and gets us in with our weapons.

He eventually gets us in to see a hobgoblin named Rhone Dremal. A female dirge singer. Tattooed. Shows sscenes of battle between goblin armies and Zoriaat abominations which we recognize from the ruined temples. Keeps a small hand drum on her belt.

Neils rudely stares and studies the tattoo.

Zel says wee are here to seek guidance in translating this book (we show her).

Rhone recognizes it as an ancient artifact. Surpriseed to find it outside of Darguun. She is not a linguist, but there are those are among the Wordbearers.

Can find them in the stronghold of Volar Draal in the Seewall Mountains (which we crossed 4 days ago on foot). But the way has grown dangerous…due to Bladebearers. Her people are not able to mount patrols outside of their city for fear of attacks.

Translation will likely take time. We’d be more welcome if we killed some Bladebearers along the way.

We can help gain goodwill by training their military.

Unfortunately, she cannot send a guide but can provide a map and letter of introduction.

Balgrim offers to sell us supplies, and ddecides to coomewith us to open new chaiin with Wordbearers.

We get back the book and a token of good will/introduction (her signet ring), and map.

House Dennith and House of Finding have a presence here. As we leave her room, Balgrim offers to take us to Bladebearer dignitary, but we decide not to.

We buy some basic rations from Balgrim.

We head west out of the city towards the mountains.

Balgrim rides on the conjured disc.

As we head west. We don’t pass many people. On a small trail. Spend the first night in a “safe” area.

The next day we are travelling a long stretch of road when we come across a slave caravan. 6 gobblins and a hobgoblin, with cages women children men, human….Sirian refugees. Look poorly treated.

Balgrim abhors this. Tells us to kill them. He knows master. Very bad. The slavers have a purple patch…mark of a merchant house. We wonder if he is a competitor?

As we pass, the people in the caravn cry out for help.

Zel wants to help and advances. The rest of us step aside and Zel hesitates. The caravn passes us by. The slaves’ sobs fade in the distance as we keep walking.

We continue onwards and start ascending the a mountains after a few days. The way iis difficult. Bulwark and Hogar get caugght in a rock slide and lose a surge each.

We spot a goblin with a bow hiding behind an upcropping. Hogar and Aldric note bowman has a blade mark on his arm.

Goblin sniper does something. We hear a shriek. Neils says that sounds like a wyvern. Large predators with a poison stinger and can fly.

Goblin pushes tree over edge and hits Bulwark and Neils.

General combat. Bad rolls on our side, but we win.

We collect 6 blademark tattoos from the bodies and Neils pries some scales off the wyvvern.

Enemies aren’t carrying much. Seem to be just be a patrol out to stop allies…like us.



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