The Nine and Six and One

Beaten by the hand that feeds us

Oh, yeah, that whole "being a bastard thing..."

Session Dates: 4/17/2012 and 4/24/2012

4/17/2012 (reconstructed from partial data)

In order to keep the party together (and avoid being attacked from all sides), Bulwark, Neils, and Aldric all jump down into pit to join Zel and the Wordbearer goblin soldier. Hogar was left behind, lost in the underground warrens; we hear echoes of fists punching things. (Aaron was absent)

The large breathing creature is an odd pale dragon. No face, just very white skin. It seems to detect us nevertheless, however.

It was a hard fought battle. Neils is basically out of surges, though he did contribute greatly by wiping the acid-spitting minions gathered around the edge of the pit opening above us. We did not defeat the pale drake, as it phases out of the pit. It turns out that the goblin soldier was with the party sent by Twar Dukan. They had found the shard (which was in his hip pouch) but were set upon by the drakes on their way out. We decide to book it out of there. Before leaving, we did find +84gp each, an emerald statue of a macetail (which lets us summon a small dinosaur) and a chunk of amber.

We arrive back in the fortress on the eve of the siege. Because of the shard and the power it lends to her dirge song, Twar is able to grant us two standard actions during battle. We are attacked primarily by a very large bugbeast and a Captain Baumble. Zel does VERY well in battle, dodging all attacks and landing several critical hits. Bulwark does not fair as well, getting put down to the ground, and again into a pit. Thanks to Zel’s impressive opening round, though, we are able to defeat the bugbeat and Captain Baumble. The remaining enemy archers, caster, and Bladebearer commander do not pose as much of a challenge and the field is cleared in short order after that.


We are on the bloody field of battle having killed the Bladebearer commander.

As we look around, we see the Wordbearer soldiers around us. As the dirge ends some of them clutch at their wounds and start falling.

Others are pursuing the Bladebearers into the mountains.

And others looking at us. They cheer.

Neils figures it is about time.

We return inside the fortress and get a heroes welcome.

Twar Dukan thanks us. Now,she thinks a new order will come to Goblinkind. A return to the Dakkan of old. In honor of this day, she will get her first mark. The story of our deeds.

She takes us to OldSkin, who is a most talented tattoo guy. We now have access to him now if we want a magic tattoo if we want one.

There is much celebration and drinking.

As we leave, Balgrim runs up to us. Where are we going? Many business opportunities here now. Valuable investment opportunities for investors! He looks at Zel expectantly.

Zel talks to Balgrim about the opportunities. Not impressed, declines.

We head back towards Fairhaven via rail. We need to discuss what to do about our employee and Lowella. Neils knows that mage bred creatures, once they reach their full grown status, live a long life.

We have a few choices:
- Sever the contract with Lord Vanwick.
- Continue in his service
- Kidnap and save Lowella.

The discussion is cut short when Aldric reminds us that there could be eavesdroppers (i.e. the shapeshifter in the Lord’s employ).

Eventually we pull into Fairhaven.

Zel wants to check out his business. We head there having only had Goblins rations so far so we want some “real” food.

They bought the place! It is next to the Smiling Mutton. We see Diesel all dressed up and fancy. The crowd inside is well dressed and enjoying their meal. The smell is divine.

As we walk past the Smiling Mutton, Orwin Lurd shouts…“Meal for five?” He pleads,“Please?”

We go in to Etectra. Zel chats up Deisel.

Apparently, Castle is a real good cook. Profit? Expenses are high but…they always are at first. The kitchen is extremely well lit.

Meal for Zel and friends? Sure! He waves us in.

As we walk in, we see Breaker rising from a table. Hogar realizes violence is imminent. Breaker crushes a red orb and sparks of magic shoot out and leap to separate points in the room. Two leap toward us, and another into a cluster of people and another towards the bar. Breaker draws his sword.

Neils can try to stop some of the sparks. He manages to snuff one of them out with his mind (one of the two coming towards us). Then the restaurant explodes into flames where the sparks went.

Deisel is out the door. Castle is screaming in the kitchen. The patrons are rushing out or down in fire.

Hogar shouds,“Something on your mind?”

Breaker mutters,“Your service is no longer required.”

(Turns out our speaking stone was eavesdropping the whole time)

He is not alone. We are flanked and attacked by a shapeshifter. Breaker is a TANK. We land hits, but he is not fazed. Hogar tries to attack the shapeshifter, misidentifies his target and hits Bulwark instead. Bulwark goes down after a few more hits from Breaker.

The rest of the party notices that Breaker is moving stiffly, as if against his will.

We Remember in the vision that Warforged were able to break out of the control. But only in moments of intense emotional distress.

Zel, Hogar, and Neils use diplomacy/intimate on Breaker, playing to his concern for Lowella and his hatred of being a slave to the Lord.

Aldric attempts a thieving check, flips onto Breaker’s back and sees an incision or scar at the base of his neck. He is thrown off before getting a chance to remove what is in there.

As the tide shifts, the shapeshifter flees, muttering “Half pay is good enough.”

Breaker drops his axe and drops to his knees. Tries to dig out the control component. (We talk him down)

Aldric jumps up again and digs out the component. He pulls out what looks somewhat like a small speaking stone.

Neils figures it can let Koros project his presence into Breaker’s mind.

We destroy both the speaking stone and the control component.

We check around for survivors, and stabilize them.

Breaker is still down; his mind is his own for the first time since ever.

He will join us.

We learn Koros has a working creation forge; received about two weeks ago. He has tried to create new Warforged, but they come out twisted and wrong. In constant pain.

Diesel returns and is like ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!

Zel tries to give him insurance advice and how to spin this as a way to get free publicity for business.

Paige Neverdown rushes in. We try to spin a positive story about how it was a magnificient magic show that got a bit too “real”. We get caught up on our own lies, and Paige has her own agenda anyway. The headlines will read: Neils the Magnificant goes rogue. Injures 9.

We go and restock our inventory.

+140gp each for goblin campaign

We buy Aldric a teleportaton whistle. We all chip in to make the purchase.

Breaker wants to help, but says he will be a liability in the fight against the Lord.

Next week: Onwards to Trevec Manor! Payback or bust!



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