The Nine and Six and One

Dirge Song Characters

Koro d’Cannith- You are an ambitious lord of house Cannith, with a powerful mark of making on your right arm. You are in your late 30s. You have allied with Nadine Seryon to create a magebred child strong enough to fulfill your goals of inserting warforged components into a living human, making them greater than the sum of both their parts. You think accomplishing this feat will secure your position as the greats of Cannith’s makers, and once you have control of the house your real rise to power can begin. Nadine thinks you love her due to an elaborate ruse you have concocted, after having your spied find her and they confirmed that she was part of the magebred human program. You romanced her over several months, coldly calculating the right moments in order to turn her to your will. The fool is hopelessly in love with you, but you will discard her once her role in securing your greatness is finished. You have control over 4 warforged servants, and can override their thoughts with controls you have implanted.
Goal- To secure yours and your newborn daughter’s escape from Cyre. No one else really matters to you.
Good at- Alchemy,forging,arcana,lying, knowing things you shouldn’t, being a bastard
Meta goal- Lose your right arm.

Nadine Seryon- You are a member of house Vadalis by nature of the Mark of Handling you possess. However you are of the Seryon line, a secret conspiracy within the house that practices the forbidden magic of magebreeding humans. House Vadalis only acknowledges that magebreeding can be done to animals, making them stronger, faster, more attractive and quicker to reach maturity. You however, know that this can also be done to human and have done so yourself many times. The magebred humans you have created and seen created so far have been physically ideal but their minds have been broken and warped. They have survived and in their own way, thrived in a hidden enclave inside Cyre. You theorized that the only way to properly magebreed a human is to carry it yourself, and work the magics through your own mark into your child. You love Koro d’Cannith who has supported your dreams of creating a perfect human. It is his daughter that you are pregnant with, and the time has come for her to be born.
Goal: Successfully escape from Cyre with Koro and your new daughter.
Good at- magic, paranoia, conspiracies, secrets, fooling yourself into believing something is true
Meta goal- Go absolutely insane and go to the hidden enclave to raise all those magebred children as your own.

Maela Truthsworn- You are a female silver dragon named Drenandryn who has murdered and taken the form of a human sentinel warden named Maela Truthsworn. She was a member of House Denieth and bears the mark of warding. Sentinel wardens are international law enforcers, authorized by the ancient Galifar code of justice to hunt down lawbreakers wherever they might hide. You have taken this form in order to partner with Ferrous, the warforged sentinel who you know from the dragonmark prophecy will be the one to lead you to the child who could become the new speaker of the dead. You are a much better researcher than you are a criminal investigator or fighter. You have not interacted as much with lesser racers in the entirety of your multi millennial life as much as you have in the last few days. The world is strange and overwhelming to you, but you know you must try and grasp this chance to make your own mark on the prophecy,
Goal: take the child and raise her to fulfill your interpretation of the prophecy.
Good at: changing shape, lying, history, geography, magic, being a dragon
Meta goal: Pass through a gate into Dolurrh, prepare for the child’s eventual arrival there.

Ferrous- You are a male oriented warforged who bears the mark of warding, the only warforged to bear a mark of any kind as far as you know. You have long been a subject of curiosity but house Deneith took you in as one of their own. You have served as a sentinel marshall for years, and are much more comfortable tracking a wanted criminal then you are being in any kind of company. Sentinel wardens are international law enforcers, authorized by the ancient Galifar code of justice to hunt down lawbreakers wherever they might hide. You have been assigned a new partner recently, Maela Truthsworn, who has been helping you track down rumors of human magebreeding. If this vile crime has been perpetrated, you will need to bring justice down upon the criminals who had done so. You are extremely proud of your record as a marshal, and have brought in more dangerous felons than any 3 other sentinels combined. You are starting to look down on the other races for the crimes they commit. You have never had to track down a warforged, after all.
Goal: Bring to justice anyone committing the crime of magebreeding and their accomplices.
Good at: fighting, tracking, intimidating, being a lone wolf, not examining your misperceptions
Meta goal: Be so repulsed by the actions of breathlings that you resolve that the only way to have true justice in the world is for them to be destroyed. Sway other warforged to this point of view.



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