The Nine and Six and One

Book of the Gatherer

Part 1
This section of the text talks about the Goblin’s god, translated into common as The Gatherer. This god is unaligned, and is responsible for gathering the dead into his realm so that they can move on to the next stage of existence. Most people frown on the worship of this god, and his adherents are much maligned. Those who hold true to his teachings do not worship death, they worship the idea of a continuing journey.

Part 2
The Silence of the Gatherer. The sect acknowledges the fact that their god is silent, and disputes the fact that any other god speaks directly to any worshipper. Gods only speak through heavenly intermediaries, who then pass down these commands to the worshippers on Eberron. The Gatherer’s chief intermediary, the one they call the Speaker of the Dead, is gone. How this came to be they do not know. They only know that his position in the heavens is unfilled.

Part 3
Because the Speaker of the Dead is gone, they cannot communicate with their god directly. The other intermediaries in heaven are also unable to communicate with the Gatherer. The souls of the dead are not being sent on the eternal journey that they should be. They are being kept in holding until a new Speaker of the Dead is found, so that the Gatherer’s will might be known once more. Because of this the worshippers have tried to create a new Speaker of the Dead.

Part 4
To create a new Speaker of the Dead the worshippers found that they would need to have an exemplar of a species. No naturally born creature would do. Their leaders in the sect surmise that in order to create this perfect goblin specimen they would try to channel the power of the unformed plane, Xoriat, into an unborn child. This would create the conditions for chaotic mutability, which would allow them to craft an individual that would be perfect enough to take up the position of Speaker of the Dead, so that the words of the Gatherer could be heard once more.

Part 5
The perfect goblin child needed to be born in a specific place, so that the power of the Gatherer would be able to manifest in it. It needed to be born in an area under the influence of Dolurrh, the shadowfell, the realm of the dead. This would allow the mark of death to be branded onto the child, a sign of the child’s future importance. It was during the birth of the child that their plans fell into ruin. At the moment of the child’s birth, as the mark of death solidified on the squalling child’s perfect skin, gates to the plane of Xoriat sprung up across the Dhakaani empire. Creatures pushed through these gates and invaded Eberron. The child itself was corrupted by this planar influence, creatures springing forth from nothingness to devour those present, and then carrying it off, it’s perfect form twisting into something hideous in their hands.

Part 6
The Dhakaani empire has nearly fallen now, though the forces from Xoriat have been pushed back and the gates sealed. So many souls have been kept from proceeding on their journey because of the failure to create a new Speaker of the Dead. It has been determined that the worshippers of the gatherer are responsible for this invasion and they are being hunted and cut down. It is crucial however that another Speaker of the Dead must be created, and so copies of this text have been secreted across Khorvaire and beyond, priests of the Gatherer making dangerous treks across the oceans to keep this text safe. It is hoped that those who come after will not repeat the same mistakes, but will be able to bring a new Speaker of the Dead safely into the world.



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