The Nine and Six and One

Looking for a different sort of rail ride

Talking talking talking...

Session Date: 5/15/2012

We are talking with Lowella and Breaker. Where do we go from here?

Aldric wants to find out more about the Speaker and the prophecies about it.

Where do we find dragons again? There is their continent: Argenesson. It is a very dangerous land. None of the civilized races have had expeditions gone far in it. They are typically driven back by the dragon worshipping cultists. Others are never hear from again.

We would also like to see what Hogar’s tattoo does, so we need to find a flame serpent somewhere.

We could also try going to Xendric with the Wayfarers.

Neils tries arcana to gain some insight on our bond with Lowella. He thinks it is a protective measure, activated instinctively by her latent powers and she can’t be hurt while someone she is bonded to is alive.

Neils pokes Lowella with a needle. On the same spot on his finger, it bleeds. Lowella is not hurt. Breaker gives him the eye.

Lowella now looks like an 18 yo tall, beautiful woman. She looks strong. She does have warforged components embedded under her skin, however.

Perhaps we can research at the wayfinder’s foundation and the university about the shadowfell and the dragon that is there. The dragon knows the speaker of the dead’s birth..and probably other things.

Hogar can ask the Wayfinder’s foundation about where to find a flame serpent.

We know of the Shadowfell because we can feel (have felt) the effects of various planes on Eberron. Like the Mournland.

Aldric is interested in going to the Xendric expedition.

What to do with Breaker and Lowella? Lowella is mentally a 11 yo.

We also found Lightning Armor and Boots of Speed in the mansion. Hogar takes the armor, and Neils takes the boots of speed.

Lowella is interested in coming with us. Breaker also agrees to come with us, look after Lowella. He laboriously gets to his feet. We ask if he is ok. He thinks he has been pushed too far. Bulwark looks him over…reminds him of other warforged that have fought days on end. They get worn down. It is a systemic wear…repair would basically mean a full rebuild; very risky.

While we were asleep, Breaker searched the mansion. A lot of Koro’s equipment were destroyed, but found enough for 175gp for each of us and three stone dragon statuettes with small dragon shards embedded in them….with a quick appraisal they ar eobjects of fairly valuable art..about 250gp each. Mild magical effect…protective…of the statuette only.

And Lowella gives us these 3 Ivory Songbirds. They look like little keepsakes. Not magical. About 100gp each.

Zel will hang on to them.

+175gp each

We finish resting over the course of a couple of days. Neils browses the library. What was Koro studying? Books on alchemy. Any books on warforged? Neils finds (lucky) a small journal that he must have gotten from his family that details the creation and maintenance of warforged, the binding spells the use of creation forges. But nothing on how to instill them with life.

As Bulwark reaches for a book on alchemy he feels a twinge in his arm.

-7 damage

Ah yes, Lowella is training with Breaker outside and he has scored a hit.

Bulwark’s book is about healing potions with secondary effects, most seem to go very wrong. No other books on the Mournland.

Zel goes into town and reads the Cornberg Chronicle. Trouble in the capital…rogue wizard Neils causes a scene in the Etc. There’s been talks about the councilors about what to do with wizards that haven’t received proper training.

In the world a new SilverFlame crusade in the demon wastes(in the west). They’d have to come through Fairhaven (Aundair) Zel remembers when they launched their crusade against lyncanthropes, making them almost extinct.

Zel shares the paper with us. Neils is outraged.

Zel laughs at Neils.

Neils sets Zel’s shirt on fire. Zel stop drops and rolls, gets up and pounds Neils.

Hogar’s hands starts feeling very warm as Lowella tries to bat out the flames.

Combat? Zel just punches Neils. Misses. Cools down.

Aldric wants to go to Thrane, to stop the Silver Flame from turning some people from becoming cannon fodder. But really to save his mentor.

What’s the plan? Aldric figures it’ll be along the lines of a jailbreak.

Zel also mentions local news that the peasants will be coming to the manor to see why no one has coming…Zel had tried to assuage their fears, but they didn’t believe him.

So, it’s time to leave soon.

Aldric asks Breaker….do we need to cover things up as we leave? Maybe for the best. We complete our extended rest and on our way out, Neils puts the manor on fire.

We head back to the lightening rail station… We get there…and…hmm…no passes for Breaker and Lowella. Also no ID to cross borders. Aldric starts thinking on that problem. We book passage to Fairhaven. Neils and Zel notice that when the clerk looks at him a bit before handing it back. As we sit to wait, we notice the clerk has disappeared briefly, and returns after a bit.

Aldric takes Lowella to go look at the tracks. Tries to distract Lowella. Neils finds himself alone.

After about an hour and a half later…Aldric sees a speck in the sky coming towards us. Probably the Aundarian Mage Corps.

The griffon lands outside the station. The other people are amazed. These are the heroes of Aundair. Kept them free from Thrane during the war.

The sword mage dismounts, strolls in. Addresses Neils and hands him a letter.

He has been commanded to appear before the Circle of Magi at the school before the fall session otherwise he will not be allowed to practice magic in the city.

Neils figures it is about time he got some recognition..

The mage says, with that attitude, he expects that from a Barak.


Mage says, your father tried to hide his shame. Or his mother? Dead at his father’s hand.

So this is the floating mage college. It floats above Lake Gallaher, with three towers suspended above the earth on three separate chunks of earth. It is one of the premier mage colleges. The fall semester begins in 3 months (which concides with the date of Neils’s appearance before the Magi).

Mage passes out through the crowd, remounts his griffon,and flies away.

The crowd wonders what the mage said to him, about what?

The train arrives. We hop on. Breaker buys a ticket for Lowella, and we go back to Fairhaven. Wayfarer foundation is closed. The party is hungry. The line at Et Cetera is much reduced.

The line at the Smiling Mutton is a bit better. We go to Et Cetera.

Diesel greets us coldly. Says, he didn’t know that Zel being owner was going to be so much trouble. He points to a dwarf in plate mail. It’s Zel’s fiance. Cateran Stonefist. She looks like a paladin of Colkerane.

Stonefist confronts Zel. Where has he been?? Didn’t he get the messages? His mother is getting married. To some goblin! Why not take it up with her father. He is gone…back to the anceteral homeland due to some trouble . Needs Zel to come back to Sharn with her.

Some back and forth bickering. Oh this is something of an arranged marriage honor between family. Isn’t he going to keep his word?


Stonefits shoves Zel. Into a table. Knocks some customer’s meal off.

Where was the mail? It was sent to the Smiling Mutton which we haven’t been back.

Is Zel coming or not? No? Fine, she’ll handle it herself. Stonefist storms out. Zel goes to get the mail.

Letter 1: Business is good, contacts among nobles. Scarves will be big this year. Missed your last letter. Cateran comes in often to look at the dresses. Probably make a good DIL. Missed your last letter Hope you’re alright. Father didn’t write much either on campaigns. Met the most interesting person today. Short little Goblin. Funny way of speaking. Think you’d like him.

Letter 5: Think I’m in love. You should come back home. Hope to hear for you soon.

Seems very weird to Zel. How would his mother even find a goblin?

So there’s that.

Aldric follows up with Cutthroat Charles to get a band together to help with the jailbreak in Flamekeep.



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