The Nine and Six and One

Marked for Success!

(That's a good thing, right? Right??)

Session Date: 5/8/2012

(Neils/Seth is absent this session)

NOTE: No one actually died in the restaurant attack from the previous session.

We are still there eating our meals in the aftermath of the battle with Breaker and Renix, when a guard comes in to investigate the disturbance. Zel says it was the changeling, and doesn’t mention Breaker. Between Hogar (who keeps Breaker quiet) and Zel, they spin a fairly convincing story to the guard. They’ll put out an order for his arrest but…you know…

We discuss our options with Breaker.

Breaker will teach Bulwark how to steel his mind against Koro’s influence. He doubts Koro will flee and instead will probably do something with Lowella. Koro won’t leave his creation forge behind.

We wonder how Lowella will react to our rescue attempt. Breaker says Lowella has suffered under the Lord. She is also more mature now mentally than when we last saw her. He does not know if she is controlled by Lord.

Koro’s first experiments were finished (the addition of warforged components) and she is now faster, stronger than ever before. He now wants to waken her true powers as Speaker of the Dead.

Before Breaker left, he saw Koro round up the servants, but does not know what for. He does not know if he believes in the Speaker of the Dead.

We ask about the layout of the manor.

He describes the manor. Most of the other entrances are strongly warded. Aside from the main entrance, Koros had 6 warforged…but they are weaker, seemed wrong. Koro had also created some mechanical spider. There are no breathling guards.

We board the train headed towards Trevick Manor and continue to talk to Breaker. Despite exploring a few possibilities, it seems like the manor house itself is well guarded and a frontal assault seems to be the only real option.

Breaker will wait for her and us at the lightning rail station by his manor, since Koro’s control may make him more of a liability than an asset in our fight.

It is night. Aldric climbs up to a darkened room window on the second floor. He sees wards in there but they don’t look as well made as the ones on the ground floor. He tries to break the ward. He doesn’t set it off, but it doesn’t work. He thinks it is out of his league.

We try to sneak in the front door instead.

Zel kicks the door to check for traps, making quite a racket. No traps, apparently. She tries opening the door. It opens easily and we step in.

Up on the balcony we see Koro and Lowella. There are some warforged with staffs flanking them. They look strangely malformed.

There are some war forged on the ground floor as well, facing us.

Koro has two arms now. One is mechanical. He has been expecting us, and tosses an acid flask to start off the battle.

This was a pitched battle. The malforged on the ground floor weren’t too bad, but the staff-bearing ’forged cast lightning and thunder down on us, and that hurt. Also a mechanical spider emerges form the top of one of the trees outside. It has a lightning web attack and a painful bite.

Dailies are expended, as well as the Pearl, the Helm, and the Macetail.

As our foes dwindle in size, Koro tells Lowella to end this.

Ropes of black lightening shoots from her arms and grabs ALL of us (including Neils from outside) and pulls us together and it cuts down the remaining enemy malforged. We are connected by ropes of black lightening to Lowella, immobilized.

Koro thanks us for realizing her true potential. That she is made stronger by death. The servants had been killed/sacrificed in front of her. Now it is our turn. Bulwark mouths off to him and incurs his wrath. Bulwark loses a surge.

Aldric tries to talk to Lowella out of her trance/daze. Hogar and Bulwark intimidates Lowella, says Breaker is in danger. Zel tries to reason and persuade with diplomacy. The black lightning tightens aroundus and we are forced down to our knees. Each losing a surge. We try again to reach Lowella.

Aldric actually manages twists out of his bonds. Lowella screams being free….the black tentacle (previously holding Aldric) wraps around Koro and he disappears.

We are all drained of our surges and collapse.

Sometime later…Hogar wakes up first, in a strange bed. He sees us in beds around him, still unconscious. We may be in the servants quarters. He rouses us. We see blasted channels through the stone, through the walls, like bands of black lightening had whipped around the whole place.

We try the door and it opens.

Aldric hears a warforged singing a lullaby upstairs. The rest of the party also notices something strange on Bulwark. He now has the mark of Death, over his right chest.

We all feel terrible, but stable.

We head upstairs and arrive at Lowella’s room. The door is open. We see Breaker at her bedside and singing to her. Lowella is asleep.

Breaker tells us, when he found us, that we were all unconscious, as was Lowella. Koro was gone, the warforged were destroyed. He had waited for a day before coming, but we’ve been asleep for 4 days since.

Lowella has been sleeping…She has not awoken. Do we all know? About our marks? We check ourselves out and find that we all have mark of death.

As we sit and talk, Lowella starts to stir.

She sees us and is glad she didn’t “hurt” us.

She tries to get out of bed and stumbles, banging her knee. She doesn’t feel the pain, but WE feel it. We appear to have a link or bond with Lowella, though pain we feel is not experienced by her (it is a one way link?).

Breaker says we should rest here. No one else has come during this time.

We wonder what happened to Koro?

Neils thinks that Koro was enveloped by black lightning and…disappeared. Probably moved. Perhaps to another plane?

Zel feels that Lowella was channeling a divine power but not really in control, and just wanted Koro to go away, so she sent him away, subconsciously.

Zel convinces Lowella it isn’t her fault and gets a hug from Lowella. We decide not tell her what had happened to the servants.

We reach Level 7!

We search the manor and find some stuff which the DM will tell us about later. We take an extended rest too.

What next?

Aldric wants to find more about his role in being linked to Lowella and more the Speaker of the Dead.



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