The Nine and Six and One

Paige Neverdown Interview

An exclusive interview with the owner and chef of the newest restaurant in Fairhaven
by Paige Neverdown

It’s a true tale of rags to riches for the owner of Etcetera, the trendiest new restaurant in Fairhaven. Diesel, the owner and representative for the chief investor, made his start in the slums of Fairhaven. After serving in the Aundairian army on the Thrane front, he came home at the end of the war to find their were few jobs for a man of his talents. During the war he had served as a ratcatcher in the reserves, making sure the food shipped to the front went into the bellies of our brave servicemen and not to vermin. After a tough time trying to establish himself as a name in the culinary scene for years, he says his luck started to turn around recently when the ruffians who had infested the old cathedral district were run out of town.

Paige Neverdown: So tell me, how did you come up with the idea for Etcetera? What inspired you to create the innovative cuisine you serve?

Diesel: Well, the ways and whys of it is pretty plain. There ain’t much call for no spiced rat in the city no more so’s an inspirin’ business type man must needs meet the demands of his clienteles. As for the fancy grubbins that’s mostly the work of my chef, Castle.

PN: Of course, and we have Castle here. Where did you learn to cook Mr… Oh umm, how embarrassing I don’t have your last name.

Castle Roderick?: My name is Roderick, yeah Roderick and it always has been and there never was another Roderick and certainly not one who died impaled on spikes and no ma’am that never happened and my name is Castle Roderick and I learned to cook in the military but I wasn’t a good soldier no but I’m a good chef and and and hahaha.

PN: Yes. Well. Umm.

D: Oh don’t mind him none he just ain’t so good with people askin’ him questions. He just works in the kitchen and if sometimes he breaks down when they push a roast pig onto the spit don’t make him any less of a man.

CR: Sobbing

PN: Perhaps we could talk about this chief investor who provided you the funds to start your restaurant?

D: Yeah well, that’s my partner and chief financialer type man, Zel Vanderbeek. Yeah and maybe he didn’t like invest in it persay, but it turns out that the Vanderbeek name will get you in a lot of places. Nice places. Banks.

PN: Wait, I thought he had invested?

D: You could call er that, yessum. He just don’t know about it yet. Nor the money he owes. But Etcetera is really taking off! And I gots more plans beyond this one. Diesel ain’t plannin’ on stoppin with just one business no sir. You gots to diversify your holdin’s, and i plan to do just that. I’ll do right by the Vanderbeek name!

PN: There you have it folks, Diesel and Castle, names that have already set the food world alight here in Fairhaven, and apparently they won’t be stopping there! Thank you very much gentlemen!

D: Bring your fancy lady dates to Etcetera! Ain’t no rats to scare em cept on the menu!

CR: We don’t ever turn the lights off. Ever. They stay on! Always! The light!

Transcription provided thanks to House Sivis transcription stones


I think Castle acquitted himself quite well in the interview. No mention of any eating of any sort at all!

Paige Neverdown Interview

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