The Nine and Six and One

Session Date: 5/22/2012

We are back in Fairhaven. It is getting late and we need to find a place to stay.

We go to the Smiling Mutton. Orwin Lurd gives us a suspicious look but lets us stay for the night.

Aldric looks for somewhere cheaper. The rest of us stay there. Aldric finds an inn, near the lightning rail station for 2sp/night. No lock on the door.

The rest of us spend 1gp to stay. Zel stays up all night thinking about his mother. Hogar stays up thinking about Stonefist.

Next morning, the smell in the Mutton is delicious. Lowella wants to eat here. She orders 4 helpings and eats all of it! Zel decides to look for his fiance,and figures she will be in the temple of Colkerane. Lowella wants to go shopping, Hogar and Bulwark go with Zel.

Neils (ultimately) goes with Lowella and Breaker.

Aldric will be making contact with Cutthroat Charles.

The 3 of us head to the church. They recognize Zel and let us in.

They have been following his dictates and the church stature in the city has been much improved. Now it looks like a church interested in helping people. There is a soup kitchen outside.

They say Paladin Stonefist left last night, heading back home, after waiting for Zel for the past few days.

Zel happily tithes 40gp on the way out. Bulwark and Hogar tithe some, too.

Meanwhile, Neils is shopping with Lowella and Breaker. Lowella wants a new suit of armor. Where to go? He “thinks” there is one…on…somewhere. Neils leads them down the main street where there are no armor shops but lots of other things. Lowella is rushing into each shop looking for armour.

At some point, Neils thinks someone is following them. Middle aged human male, portly. He tells Breaker to have a word with the man, then decides to accost him himself. Neils chats up the man. Man stammers some answer. He uh…is also looking for pets…small pets…for his…daughter…and scarves…for his wife…sure.

Neils tells him to go shop somewhere else. The man tells Neils to mind his own business.

Something about this guy seems strangely familiar.

Neils asks if they have met. The man denies knowing him, and asks about Lowella. Breaker is there now, asks him about his interest in Lowella. The man says she may know something about his mark; says he felt a connection. He just want to talk to her. The man refuses to leave and tries to shove past Neils and Breaker. Breaker shoves back. Neils steps back to let Breaker handle this. Breaker reaches down rips open the front of the guy’s shirt…revealing a mark much like ours. Neils very quickly hides it with magic. He tells him to come with us.

Elsewhere, Aldric goes to see Cutthroat Charles. As he navigates the dock area, h sees HKC strong arming a guy in the alley. Aldric watches. HKC is shaking him down for the guild’s money. The guy falls unconscious…HKC takes the guys money…and his pants.

Aldric asks to meet with CTT about recent news, and is taken to CTT’s office by the docks.

Aldric asks for information and resources for a joint venture of interest…regarding Thrane’s holy war. CTT notes it is easier to free prisoners from a camp than from a prison. He has a man he can put on the job for intel and for springing Chireal. CTT agrees it is a good opportunity to free him. The man can blend in with the Thranes.

CTT wants 100gp up front. He will send the man over to Thrane to join them and report back at an advantageous time. He figures it’ll be a while before the holy war starts…Aundair isn’t likely to grant them passage through their lands any time soon.

Aldric asks if there are any short term jobs and is told that there are none right now that befits his skills.

Neils runs into Paige Neverdown on the way back. (Note: The guy’s shirt is still torn, though the mark is hidden). She asks, “Hey, what’s the current story?” Neils keeps walking. Paige follows behind, and asks if the man is in duress. Does he know Neils is responsible for the Etc fire? Neils just walks away. She continues to pester the group and begins to agitate the man regarding Neils’s previous alleged deeds.

Neils fixes the guys shirt with magic, and tells Breaker Paige is a threat to Lowella. Breaker pulls his axe. Paige flees!

We are back at the Mutton, except for Aldric, who stops by the Wayfinder Foundation.

Neils introduces us to him. The man’s name is Dennis Chandler. Asks how he came by the mark?

Neils admits we have the mark as well. Dennis’s appeared overnight as he slept in the city, and his roof had a scorch mark.

How does he know the girl? He didn’t…just chanced to see her and felt a connection to her. He has a wife and two daughters. Wife saw the mark, took her daughters away.

Neils senses the same bond between Dennis and Lowella.

Note: Unless someone is looking for it specifically the bond would probably not be detected. For accomplished magician, can sense it in the same city.

Neils tries to sense more connections…dozens in the city. Some are more or less distant. None as close as Aldric (who is still near the docks).

Probably no one else in the city. Does she only hurt those closest to her?

Note: Breaker is not marked.

Neils tells Zel to stand next to Lowella. Neils gives Breaker a needle, tells him to poke Lowella. Zel feels it.

Does again…Neils gets pricked.

Again…Aldric gets pricked (“Damn it, Neils!” mutters to Aldric, to no one in particular).

Neils takes the needle back. Hmmm…inconclusive.

Dennis has had enough. He puts his shirt back on and heads out. Zel tries to stop him. What? Wants to find out what we have in common.

He give us his background and seems like an average guy. He leaves.

Hmmm, now what?

Meanwhile, Aldric is at the Foundation. It is bustling — it looks like a recruitment drive is in progress. There is some sort of interview process going on.

Aldric looks for posted materials, and finds info on the annual expedition, to Xendric! The promotional poster shows various adventurers leaping out of an airship towards a large temple on the ground.

The lady Sherary, with her ant, is sitting out in the hall, talking to a line of people.

She recognizes Aldric. He asks for more information about the expedition. Well, it departs soon. Lord Erdain is not doing very well so they need to get going expeditiously — within the week say. They will depart from Sharn. How long? Well, healers give Lord Erdain a month at most, so that drives the time table. Rules and restrictions? People who sign on get a share of the profits. They can buy additional shares too. People who survive will be offered a membership. Everyone is expected to follow the Foundation rules. Erdain will be leading this expedition himself. Sherary gives a booklet to Aldric.

Aldric heads back.

We are all there now. We fill Aldric in on Dennis and our non-special status. Aldric pitches the idea of the expedition to us, and we head back to the Foundation to sign up.

Sherary welcomes us.

Erdain speaks with us.

He is floating behind his desk.

The plan is to head down to the temple in Xendric where he was first exposed. Hopefully can find a cure there too. Maybe it was more a curse…since no one else on his expedition got sick.

There has been lots written about Xendric, but mostly hearsay.

We will be leaving from Sharn in 6 days time. We must be at the airship dock at that time. We’ll be taking the Ride the Lightning. Sherary will help us.

We buy an additional share each (6 total).

We sell off the 3 dragon statuettes and amber. -30gp each.

Aldrics asks Sherary if there are any flame serpents in Xendric. Sherary says she’s seen pictures of these from Xendric, so probably there are.

Sherary provides travel papers for Lowella and Breaker.

As far as supplies, the expedition will provide all mundane items. We stock up on supplies and head towards Sharn. Or maybe we’ll go to Sharn and stock up there. Either way…



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