The Planes

When the other planes come into a certain conjunction with Eberron, they can influence the world in subtle and obvious ways. These are called manifest zones.

The Dragon Above: The Astral Sea
Siberys is a golden ring of light visible in the night sky, the endless Astral Sea than contains realms associated with the gods.

The Dragon Between: Eberron

Eberron stand solidly in the middle of the cosmology, along with it’s three flawed mirror worlds.

The Dragon Below: Elemental Chaos

The twisting and turning tunnels of Khyber go so deep that they eventually emerge into the ever changing Elemental planes.

Religions of Eberron

The Sovereign Host- The most widespread faith in Khorvaire, the nine gods of the host rule over the disparate aspects of civilized life. It is a highly inclusive faith, teaching that all other religious beliefs are echoes of the Sovereign Host’s teachings.

The Dark Six- The darkness to the Sovereign Host’s light, they are aspects of savagery and the raw power of nature. They are still a critical part of the world, and whispered prayers to say their wrath are not uncommon.

The Silver Flame- A relatively young religion, followers of the Silver Flame battle evil across Khorvaire and beyond, fighting devils, demons, and all manner of monsters.

The Blood of Vol- They teach that divine power exists not in some deity or higher power, but instead lies within all mortal beings.

Khyber Cults- An underground cancer that eats away at society, Khyber cults worship the abominations and horrors that lurk deep underground.

Elven Religion- Elves worship their ancestors. Some worship the honored undead who continue to lead their people, while others seek to emulate their fallen ancestors, whether they were great heroes or the direst villains.

The Path of Light- A misunderstood and persecuted sect, the Path of Light is not well known on Khorvaire.


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