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House rules
The weird rules I have come up with to prove that I am way better at designing games than all those guys at WOTC.

Plot Threads


Learn about the makeup of the Eberron universe and it’s religions.


A brief overview of the different ages of Eberron and the calamities that ended them. Also more recent history leading up to the start of the campaign.


1. Khorvaire – The Five Nations and several smaller territories make up this landmass.
2. Aerenal – The home of the elves after they escaped from slavery in Xen’drik
3. Xen’drik – Home to the destroyed civilization of the giants. A premier adventure destination. Watch out for the merciless jungle drow.
4. Argonnessan – Home of the dragons and the savage tribes that worship them
5. Sarlona – Original home of humans, a large continent ruled by the Inspired
6. Khyber – The underworld that stretches under the continents and oceans. Horrors and wonders abound.

The Dragonmark houses

A general overview of the currently active Dragonmarks and their associated guilds and areas of expertise.

The Dragonmark Prophecy

This mysterious prophecy is expressed in many ways throughout the world, including natural land formations, the shapes of cities, and the dragonmarks on the mortal races. The dragons of Eberron spend a great deal of time attempting to understand and influence this great prophecy, Scholars and madmen of the mortal races look to find meaning in it as well.

Factions and Other Big Players

Some of the movers and shakers the players may encounter.

Ashbound Druids
These druids are a militant sect that has split from the greater druidic order in the Eldeen Reaches.

Emerald Claw
These former soldiers use to serve as a paramilitary organization in Kharrnath. They are no longer in favor of Kharrnath’s king and serve their own purposes now.

A society of influential merchants and nobles that spans Khorvaire.

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