Plot Threads

Open Plot Threads

  • Lord Vanwick requests that our heroes find out any information about aberrant dragonmarks, accelerated growth and any connections her mark may have to the Draconic prophecy in order to help Luella and avert potential catastrophe. He asks that his secrets be held in strict confidence and requests that he only be contacted in person or by way of a sending stone in the event of an emergency
  • The Underbelly (Fairhaven’s Thieves guild) is making a play for power
  • Why are The Eyes making Audairians unhappy?
  • Get further information from Professor Dronnell’s rival at Morgrave University in Sharn.
  • Ashbound Druids are fighting House Vadalis in the Eldeen Reaches.
  • Find a cure to Lord Boroman’s strange draining disease caught in Xen’drik.
  • When was the Dhakanni amulet sold, and to whom?
  • Visit the Dhakanni temple in the starpeak range to find more info about the aberrant mark (appears to be related to a God of Death) Also appears to be something that they didn’t want others to find out about.
  • Large group of warforged in the Mournland following the Lord of Blades
  • Find out more about the Emerald Claw. They appear to control the starpeaks where we are going.
  • Have Aldric gain the respect of The Underbelly.
  • Join the Wayfarer’s Foundation.
  • What is Vol?
  • Explore Elvin Continent of Aerunal
  • How will we deal with Thrane, The Silver Flame, and Garrick now that we have embarrassed him?

Completed Quests

  • The long abandoned Cathedral of the Silverflame has had people hanging around
  • Get Professor Dronnell an interview with an Aberrent mark in exchange for help researching our mark. (Should ask for access to the vaults)
  • Find a way into the Fairhaven University vault in the Library. Professor’s permission can get you in.
  • Team owes Overton Ghallandra of Fairhaven enclave a favor worth 120GP. (60GP)
  • Aldric needs to “Acquire” the unfortunate dead Aberrant’s Resources from his Ghallanda room.
  • Find out more about the Emerald Claw. Prevent them from gaining information on the Aberrant mark that Vanwick is interested in, especially if it gives power over death and undead. Beat them to the temple in the starpeaks.

Plot Threads

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