The Dragonmark houses

Of the 13 Dragonmarks that have been recognized, only 12 are still found in the world. The bearers of these marks have formed houses, and they have grown to become huge international mercantile empires, as well as overseeing guilds that are tied to their interests. Each house has its’ own specialties and often the only ay you can know if something is trustworthy is if the houses’ mark is displayed on it. Not all people born into a dragonmarked house have a mark, and this does not affect their ability to rise to positions of power within it.

The Houses:

Cannith- The Mark of Making makes those who bear it the most gifted artisans, inventors, and smiths of the age. The can blend the magical and the mundane in impressive ways. All Warforged have a connection to house Cannith as they were created in their Creation forges. Fabricators and Tinkers guilds are associated with the house, and the stamp of the gorgon is an assurance of good quality.

Deneith- The Mark of Sentinel makes those who bear it potent defenders, and the house has a tradition of guarding Monarchs and other important personages across Khorvaire. The Throne Wardens of the house continue to guard the old throne of the Galifar empire, waiting for someone to prove themselves worthy of it. The Baldemarks guild and Protectors guilds offer mercenaries and bodyguards of excellent quality. The Sentinel Marshals have the right to pursue criminals across the width of Khorvaire.

Ghallanda- The Mark of Hospitality is a symbol to everyone that comfort and hospitality is at hand. The enclaves of House Ghallanda are beyond the legal reach of any other power on Khorvaire, and they are open to all. Their enclaves can be found all over Khorvaire, even in the most distant and remote of locations, their construction claimed to have been guided by the Draconic Prophecy. The Hostelers guild runs inns and restaurants all across the continent, the hound head sigil an implicit promise of quality.

Jorasco- The Mark of Healing makes House Jorasco both loved and loathed. They have the capacity to cure diseases, heal the dying, and even in rare cases resurrect the dead. They are also mercenary enough to deny these services if they won’t be paid. The Healers and Medics guilds are similar in that they treat the injured. The Healers have set up networks of hospitals while the medics can be found on many a battlefield.

Kundarak- The Mark of Warding serves to insure that the vaults, fortresses, and strongholds built by the house are the finest anywhere. It also serves to explain why Kundarak is the banker of choice for every person and group of wealth and power. The Banking guild can be found across Khorvaire, and has the power to dictate currency standards to governments. The Warding guild specializes in defenses to secure places and treasure, and armed muscle for when those defenses fail.

Lyrandar- The Mark of Storm makes this house the unparalleled masters of sea and sky. Those with this dragonmark are also the only ones who can operate elemental ships. The Windrights guild offers the services of sailors, craftsmen and others who are essential to the functioning of shipbound commerce. The Raincallers guild contains both those with the ability to control the weather and architects and engineers who construct aqueducts and reservoirs.

Medani- The Mark of Detection insures that the members of this house are seemingly everywhere, though it is the smallest of the dragonmarked houses. It’s members are inquisitives, spy-catchers, advisors, and sentries. The Warning guild provides bodyguards to those less worried about physical attacks than other means. The Thousand Yard Stare watches the Mournland for anything that might emerge to threaten Breland.

Orien- The Mark of Passage allows the house to dominate overland travel. Traderoads, the Lightning Rail, and teleportation are all within their domain. The Couriers guild is responsible for delivering the mail and small parcels, and maintains elite forces for times when those deliveries are into dangerous areas. The transportation guild deals with the movement of thousands of people and endless amounts of trade.

Phiarlan- The Mark of Shadow lends itself to deception and illusion. This house has two faces, one it’s guild of entertainers, and the other it’s network of spies. The Entertainers and Artisans guild contains the finest actors, musicians and performers. It runs theaters and circuses in all of Khorvaire’s cities.

Sivis- The Mark of Scribing makes this house the master of communication. From speaking stones that let people converse across long distances to insuring the veracity of written documents, House Sivis is dedicated to being completely neutral in all manners. Who knows what secrets of Kings and countries might lie hidden in their vaults? The Notaries guild oversees all legal documents, as well as other crafts tied to writing such as printing presses. The Speakers guild handles sending stones as well as professions tied to the spoken word, so long as they are of the practical sort.

Tharashk- The Mark of Finding serves the inquisitives, prospectors, and bounty hunters of the house well. They are also the house best suited to dealing with natives of Droaam, and many monstrous races contract mercenary work though them. The Finders guild will find anything for a price, person,place or thing. Liondrake’s Roar brokers deal with monsters and others, making sights such as ogre labourers common.

Thuranni- Once a part of house Phiarlan, this house also contains the Mark of Shadow. It is whispered that this house traffics in only two things: espionage and assassination. House Thuranni chooses who will be offered the opportunity to use their services.

Vadalis- The Mark of Handling gives the members of this house a close connection to animals of all sorts. They have also pioneered the art of magebreeding, weaving magics into the bloodlines of beasts. The Handlers guild oversees the training and care of animals. Balinor’s Blessed specialize in the capture and training of exotic species.

Tarkanan- This house is only rumored to exist. It is said to be composed of those with aberrant marks.

Vol- The Mark of Death is no more, as this house was wiped out root and branch thousands of years ago.

The Dragonmark houses

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