Welcome to Eberron

Eberron is a world of magic, intrigue, and lightning elementals bound into trains. Hopefully this campaign will explore a wide part of the wild and civilized parts of the world without losing focus on the characters, PC and NPC.

Our story will start with the party having been gathered from it’s disparate parts into one cohesive whole in the country manor of Lord VanWick. His agents have contacted you individually or in small groups (your back story goes here!) and have somehow persuaded them to undergo a year of specialized training to forge them into a team and then undertake a special task for Vanwick. What could have been promised to have the characters agree to this? What goals of their own are they trying to accomplish? Why would Vanwick go to this kind of trouble instead of using his own men or simply contacting a group of adventurers? Guess we’ll find out at some point maybe in the future perhaps!

The Nine and Six and One

Eberron’s gods are divided into two camps, the nine gods of the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six. At one time this pantheon of deities was united, but a schism has split them apart. The Sovereign Host represents the good of civilization, while the Dark Six reflect the danger and harshness of untamed nature. While most people believe this is a sharp division of good and evil, not all people see issues in such stark black and white.

In ancient ruins around the world there has been found temples dedicated to the combined pantheons of the gods, but with a mysterious sixteenth god. What has happened to this god? Questions!

Character Guidelines

I’d like it if everyone would stick to the races found in player’s handbook 1,2, and the Eberron guide. All classes are available. Characters will start at level 5.

Please check the inherent bonuses checkbox on the manage character screen. This will cause your attacks and defenses to scale without needing the bonuses from weapons and armor. I want to cut down on what are essentially junk magic items given out just to insure that people are properly geared and instead stick to some more interesting items.

Make sure to purchase your starting gear. You have 840gp to purchase anything you like as long as it is not a magical weapon, armor, or neck slot.

Please do not take any dragonmark feats.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Further information for backstory building will be added to the wiki and the eberron player’s handbook is being passed around.

I think you should be able to edit this as well so if you want to make a wiki page for your character that would be cool.

The Nine and Six and One

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