The Nine and Six and One

If you have no plan, does it survive contact with the enemy?

What is the sound of one Hogar being baited?

Session Date: 1/17/2012

Continuing from last week, we are now facing a fight with the Silver Flame fanatics as they try to force convert some peasants. We notice that one of the fanatics is the priest we confronted on the train coming into town.

We are also trying out two hit minions. Rolling well on a to-hit will knock them down. A crit kills them outright.

Hogar’s one-two combo works well as an anti-minion action. The rest of us make do.

Eventually, we chase off the minions (including the Train Priest). Garrick surrenders, cursing those who have fled.

We find 50gp on the minions, and a silver holy flame symbol (25gp) on Garrick

Neils takes the symbol.

We ask about the Emerald Claw…

Garrick says they help fund the soldiers of the Light.

Neils uses magic missile as an interrogation technique. It works.

Garrick says they were paid to keep people out of their hideouts, which is a few streets over in an abandoned building.

Meanwhile, the peasants return, joyous. We give back their valuables. (-50gp)

For this good deed, we now have a +2 Streetwise check bonus in this city.

Zel talks to them about HER religion, and puts in a good word for the rat vendor.

Aldric cold knocks Garrick out, and strips him of his armor. The peasants swarm him afterwards. That’s life in the city.

We examine the Silver Flame statute. It is warm to that touch, and has a magical aura on it.

This fight probably drew some attention, so Aldric suggests it is time to leave. We leave the scene.

We take a short rest then immediately go to the location of the Claw hideout. We decide to surprise them, hopefully before they have a chance to react to our arrival in their part of the town.

Their hideout is a manor house, boarded up.

Aldric knows we are probably facing at least 5 well armored/armed soldiers of Carnath.

We know they pay gold to find marks (mostly aberrant), and are interested in the same mark as we are. And they are necromancers.

The time is around 11 at night.

We stand at the front door, looking at the house. Aldric sneaks around and tries to look inside, stealthily. He finds a crack in the wall in a window. It looks like it was left there deliberately…looking in he sees someone looking back!

“Beat it beggar!”, yells the man inside. Aldric scurries off.

Aldric takes even more care and circles back to report to the rest of the team.

He also heard the sound of movement inside and hushed whispers…“have to move soon, move the prisoners.”

After much deliberation, we decide to try the Trojan Horse tactic. Neils, using prestidigitation, puts a fake mark on Hogar. Aldric ties Hogar but fakes it to be easy to break. He hopes. Hogar tests the bonds dubiously.

We bang on the door. No one answers.

Aldric speaks,“We’re selling…marks.”

Door opens. Aldric held at sword point. We present Hogar.

They grab Hogar through the door and drag him inside. We hesitate and lose our hold on him.

“What about the fee??” we shout indignantly.

The guard replies,“Standard finders fee. We’ll talk to the boss.”

Zel considers stopping the door as it closes, but hesitates and the opportunity passes. The door slams shut.

Inside….a guy examines Hogar…“This looks legit. Talk to the boss….”

He tosses us a bag of 50gp and slams the door shut…again, we do nothing, apparently not having thought this far ahead in our awesome clever plan. (+50gp)

They start to question Hogar. Hogar has had enough at this point: “Open the gate of battle!” But he strains at the bonds; the rope is securely bound.

[Aaron plays a card] Hogar finds a nail on the back of the wall, which Hogar uses to free himself.

[Patrick plays a card] Aldric busts open the door.

Aaron uses the pearl after missing with the gate of battle.

[Aaron plays the Charge card] We start pushing into the house.

It is a tough fight. Bulwark is knocked down and remains on the edge of consciousness for much of the battle. He tries to get his party heals in before he goes down again.

[Andrew plays the parry card]

The party is looking pretty battered even as the enemy numbers start to fall. Bulwark invokes “Stand the Fallen” (daily).

Seeing his enemies suddenly become healthier, the Claw Leader flees, along with one of the Assassins.

“Kill the prisoners!” shouts the leader as he flees.

Aldric runs downstairs where we hear growls and screams. He sees zombies trying to claw 3 people in cages. He takes care of the zombies.

Upstairs, we finish subduing the remaining enemies.

We get CON+1 surges back.

We have 4 prisoners of the Emerald Claw…

We have hit a milestone.

Find another 150gp.

Total +40 gp each for this session.

Also find a journal the Marshal was keeping.

The 3 prisoners, a woman, man, and child have aberrant marks.

In the journal, the Claw leader talks about the mission in the city. He has been searching for aberrent marks but also sends supplies up to the rest of his people in the Star Peaked Mountains. He has also smuggled marked people out of the city. Also notes that the men he sent with the last prisoners should have been back by now (entry for this was 2 days ago).

We plan an extended rest tonight. Question the freed prisoners. (They probably don’t know much). Just know other people here were questioned then sent out of city. They are really grateful for the rescue…

Aldric will contact Hobb Knobb Cobb and ask if he has any burglaries he needs done for a cut (precased jobs). Needs money.

Aside from individual stuff…plan is to head to Star Peaked Mountains.

Before that, though, we need to decide what to do with the aberrant marks and the Claw prisoners.



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