The Nine and Six and One

Korranberg Chronicle: Aundair Section: page 37 (of 38)

Rogue Ashbound Druid Terrorizes Wayfinder Foundation
an exclusive from Paige Neverdown

It was through my inborn investigative instincts that I, rookie reporter extraordinaire Paige Neverdown, was in the perfect position to capture this exclusive for the Chronicle. Over the past several days an unknown person had been vandalizing the displays of the Wayfinder Foundation causing a great deal of distress to its’ board of directors. This reporter was able to piece together from interviews with witnesses that damage inside had been fairly extensive, with several priceless artifacts being damaged. House Deneith had been contacted to provide security to prevent any more damage but unfortunately one member of their Blademark guild was found murdered inside the Foundation! No members of House Denieth or the Wayfinder Foundation would consent to be interviewed over this matter.

Fortunately, I was in a perfect position to see that coming out of the Wayfinder Foundation soon after it’s opening the day following the murder was a group of adventurers! Never being one to back down when a story presented itself I approached them with no hesitation. When I questioned them about what had occurred inside their leader, Niles Barack, self described as “the magnificent,” told me that they had fought and slew an Ashbound druid inside! Apparently the druid had been posing as one of the preserved monsters in the museum and vandalizing the building after everyone had left. Niles told me that the druid had left behind a manifesto declaring that the Ashbound druids may take their fight to the people in the cities. Scary stuff in this reporter’s opinion as we have read reports in this very Chronicle of the damage and death the Ashbound druids can cause. It was a lucky stroke that adventurers as mighty and accomplished as Niles and his men (and warforged!) were in the city and able to defeat the druid before anyone else was hurt.

Does this mark the beginning of a new threat from the Ashbound Druids? I caution everyone to remember that this is but an isolated incident and not to become too alarmed at the thought of shape shifting druids running amok in their city and slaughtering their families. I will attempt to find out anything more I can about this incident and you can expect a follow-up report!

[below is a reasonably accurate sketch of the group minus Aldric, with Neils in the forefront]


Hmm, well, the Wayfinder Foundation (and House Deneith) won’t be too happy about having their troubles aired out in the public news sheet like that, but it’s a pretty accurate report of what happened…


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