The Nine and Six and One

Session Date: 12/6/2011

Our Characters:

Bulwark – A warforged warlord in search for purpose in his post-war life. Hails from the Mournland.

Niels the Magnificent- A self trained wizard and an arrogant prick. Hails from a small town in Aundair.

Zel- A youthful paladin trying to make his mark by spreading prosperity across Khorvaire in the name of Kol Korran. Hails from Sharn.

Aldric- A young elf rogue with a dark and troubled past. Hails from Flamekeep

Hogar son of Grumbar- A half-orc monk and an ex-solider looking for peace after the war. Hails from a small town in Karrnath.

Our heroes spend the winter training with Breaker, a rugged and huge 7.5’ warforged. During their stay at Trevick Manor they stay in the bunks with three male servants and four guardsmen. From them they learn that Trevick Manor is named after the former lord who had been killed during the war. Lord Vanwick appeared with a small entourage including Breaker and his infant daughter about three years ago and claimed the manor as his own without any conflict.

While at the manor the party takes note of a young woman who looks to be about 15 years of age but is unnaturally strong and covered with thin scars all over her limbs. They come to learn that she is Luella, Lord Vandwick’s “infant daughter” of 4 years.

The heroes spend the winter training until they get to the point where they can hold their own against Breaker and he approves of their abilities. He takes them to Lord Vanwick to report that they are ready and can be trusted. Vanwick confides in them that Luella was born in Cyre on the day of the Mournland’s creation and that his wife died in childbirth. He hands them a drawing of a symbol that is an aberrant dragonmark that Lowella is marked by. When asked about the girls’ scars Vanwick says that they “just appear.” Some people in the party sense that Vanwick may be holding back some information.

He informs them that Grol the Prescient, a prophet from the Whispering Wood in Aundair (where there is a large stone outcropping containing a piece of the Draconic prophecy), said that the girl was part of a prophecy that concerned the creation of the Mournland and “another cataclysm to come.” However this information may not be reliable because the seer was half-crazed. Lord Vanwick requests that our heroes find out any information about aberrant dragonmarks, accelerated growth and any connections her mark may have to the Draconic prophecy in order to help Luella and avert potential catastrophe. He asks that his secrets be held in strict confidence and requests that he only be contacted in person or by way of a sending stone in the event of an emergency. Based on the research of his changeling spy he suggests that they start at the University of Wynarn or the Wayfinder Foundation in Fairhaven.

The new comrades agree to his terms and travel to Fairhaven on the lightning rail. On the train they have a confrontation with a priest of the Silverflame who starts harassing a family of Shifters. Zel is able to intimidate him and diffuse the situation and the priest runs off to a different car. A couple hours later they arrive in Fairhaven and a city guard informs them about the Smiling Mutton Inn owned by Orwin Lurd. The inn carries the guildmark of House Galandry and is in a nicer part of town. They decide to eat dinner there and spend the night there for 6g/each.

In the evening Bulwork and Aldric separately venture out to learn the layout of the the city’s terrain. Aldric takes note of several subtle signs leading to the city’s thieves’ guild. Meanwhile Zel hits up the bar and makes some friends and gathers rumors that the Wayfinder Foundation is mysteriously closed, that the Underbelly (allegedly what the thieves’ guild calls itself) is making a play for power, and that the long abandoned Cathedral of the Silverflame has had people hanging around. Niels reads some books from the inn’s small library including a traveler’s guide to Fairhaven. Hogar stays in the room.

In the morning the team shares some of their learned information and decides to start their adventure at the Wayfinder Foundation, despite Niel’s dissention.



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