A record of great truths, lingering mysteries, misconceptions and outright lies.

The Dawn of Time
Date: ???
Many different myths have been told about the creation of the world and the early days of Eberron. One tale, however, is accepted as true by the majority of the peoples of Eberron.

The Age of Demons
Date: -10,000,000 to -100,000
Khyber’s fiendish offspring overrun the world until they are beaten back by the dragons, or so the legends say.

The Age of Giants
Date: -80,000 to -39,000
The first age for which archaeological evidence can be found and studied. They lie in the heart of Xen’drik and are difficult to explore.

The first mortal civilization was that of the giants. They raised great cities with their strength, might magics, and legions of slaves. They came to rule the world for millennia. In the end their civilization fell and was destroyed.

The Age of Monsters
Date:-38,000 to -5,000
Known among some scholars as an age of darkness and thus unworthy of study, others believe that it was an age of great enlightenment crushed before it could come to full fruition.

After the devastation of the Giant’s empire the lesser races- including elves, eladrin, goblins, and orcs- began to develop and thrive. On Khorvaire a great empire of goblins, the Dhakanni empire, arose. Orcs also prospered on Khorvaire, turning to primal spirits and a close relationship with the land. This civilization lasted for thousands of years before it had to stand against an invasion from beyond the planes and, although triumphant, fell to pieces in the aftermath.

The Current Age
Date: -3,200 to 998 YK
In this age dragonmarks begin to appear among the mortal races. The Galifar empire rises to ascendancy in Khorvaire and peoples of the other continents continue to pursue their own goals.

The Galifar empire is founded and the modern year counting begins. Galifar the first is a Karrnathi warlord who manages to unite the disparate kingdoms of Khorvaire into one mighty nation through a grand military campaign. He makes deals with the dragonmarked houses to insure their support for his rise, in exchange he offers them neutral status in all conflicts. The Five Nations are founded and ruled by Galifar’s children, they come to take the children’s names as their own.
For nearly 900 years his line ruled Khorvaire in age of peace and prosperity, seeing great advances in the arts, sciences, and magic. The lightning rail is begun in 811YK, beginning an era of fast communication and travel for all of Khorvaire’s peoples.
In 894YK the last ruler of Galifer, King Jarot, dies. This event sparks the Last war as the rulers of the five nations fight amongst each other over who should ascend to the throne.
During this time the five nations splintered, and the disparate regions of Khorvaire declared their Independence once more. The warforged are created in 965YK by house Cannith to be used as elite soldiers. Airships are created by the gnomes of Zilargo and the dragonmarked heirs of house Lyrandor and begin to sail the skies.
In 994YK Cyre is destroyed under mysterious circumstances and becomes known as the Mournlands. Major combat operations are ended as the other nations recoil in shock and horror.
In 996YK the treaty of Thronehold officially ends the war and recognizes the new nations of Khorvaire. House Cannith is ordered to destroy it’s creation forges (most lost in the Mournlands already) and cease production of the warforged. Warforged are granted individual rights.
997YK the campaign begins.


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