1. Aundair- A land of pastoral beauty and scholarly knowledge. Farmers and mages rub elbows in the larger cities. Fairhaven is the capital and Arcanix boasts a grand mage college.

2. Breland- The most cosmopolitan of Khorvaire’s nations. Sharn, the greatest city on Khorvaire, and, some say, Eberron is located here.

3. Thrane- A theocracy following the teachings of the Silver Flame. A council of bishops influences the leader of Thrane, an 11 year old girl whom the Silver Flame speaks to.

4. Karrnath- The most powerful nation militaristicly, Karrnath supplements it’s troops with legions of the undead. Some of Karrnath’s greatest minds and swordarms have volunteered to become undead to better serve their nation. The Blood of Vol has a great deal of influence here.

5. Mournlands- The former nation of Cyre. Destroyed during the last war by unknown means, this devastated land serves as a warning to other nations. The thick banks of for that mark it’s borders are looked on with dread anticipation, fearing that they will spread forth.

6. Eldeen Reaches- Formerly part of Aundair, the reaches were forced to fend for themselves when Aundair troops fell back to the heart of that nation during the midpoint of the Last War. Always a haven for those who follow a more primal path, the druids of the land raised an army of rangers, fey, and people desperate to protect their homes. They were able to defend themselves from mercenary threats and incursions from Breland, and now have been recognized as an independent nation.

7. Shadow Marches- A swampland home to many orc tribes. The people here are xenophobic and people must prove themselves before they are accepted by the tribes.

8. Mror Holds- The ancestral home of the dwarves in Khorvaire. Long hindered by firece tribal infighting it was only when they were conquered and brought into the Galifar empire did the dwarves truly come into their own. Mines here provide some of the finest metal on Khorvaire, but ancient clan hatreds sometimes run deep.

9. Lhazaar Principalities- A nation of islands and warring pirate princes, formerly part of Karrnath but declared independence at teh start of the Last War. Home to the finest sailors on Khorvaire, and the most deadly pirates. Intrigue abounds as the Pirate Princes of the islands try to claim rulership for themselves.

10. Q’barra- Thought to have been an unsettled land when refugees of the Last War first fled he 70 years ago, they found that the jungles of Q’barra were home to lizardmen, kobolds, dragonborn, and other darker things. Some settlements have been founded here, and it is recognized as a sovereign nation, but who truly rules is up for debate.

11. Talenta Plains- Thousands of square miles make of pristine grasslands make up the Talenta Plains, where nomadic bands of halflings urge their dinosaur mounts through the tall grasses. It has remained mostly unchanged since before humans first came to Khorvaire.

12. Zilargo- The most peaceful and welcoming land in Khorvaire. This is where the gnomes make their kingdom, and their cities are filled with magic, music, song, and deadly intrigue. People who disturb the peace here quickly find a reason to be elsewhere or are never heard from again.

13. Valenar- The only eelven nation on Khorvaire, Valenar was formed during the Last War when Cyre sought to form an alliance with the elves of Aerenal. A large faction relocated to Khorvaire, where they became known as the most dealy calvay on teh continent. They defended Cyre loyally for over thirty years until suddenly they seized the lands they had been charged with defending. Now it is ruled by their High King, and elven warbands cross it’s borders to test their blades and arrows against any who would challenge them.

14 Droaam- The kingdom of monsters. Seperated from Brealnd by a mountain range this territory is claimed by that nation but never ruled by it. Monstrous creatures make their homes here, building dangerous cities under the leadership of the Daughters of Sora Kell. It is a land barely removed from anarchy, and powerful warlords keep their own territory and forces but none have dared to cross the Daughters, yet.

15. Demon Wastes- A seat of power during the Age of Demons, this area still crawls with their twised influence. Depraved demon worshippers prowl the area, and civilized settlements are few and under constant threat. Not recognized as a nation.

16. Darguun- Formerly a part of Cyre. during the last war goblin mercenaries turned on their employer, Cyre, and carved out for themsleves the nation of Darguun. Conataining many ancient sites from the old goblin empire of Dhakaan they are attempting to rekindle their old power. Formally recognized as a nation. Dangerous place for non goblin travellers.


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