The Dragon Below

Influence- The Elemental Chaos mostly has an influence within Khyber, but sometimes ti stretches to the surface as well. These effects mostly strengthen the elements that match the influence and weaken it’s counter.

Fernia, the Sea of Fire: A world of scorching heat with oceans of flame and whirlwinds of fire. The legendary city of Brass is said to lie at it’s heart, where the mighty Efreets hold court.

Risia, the Plain of Ice: An enormous glacier floating through the elemental chaos, the very air has been liquefied and flows in it’s sluggish lakes and rivers.

Kythri, the churning chaos: A great sea of constant roiling masses in perpetual violent motion.

The Abyss: The deepest part of the chaos of Khyber, swirling with evil and destruction and home to demons of every kind.

The Dragon Below

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